Reputation Reviews

I just had my implant in. It has taken me eight years to build up the courage! I cannot believe I have wasted eight years.

Best, friendly, customer service I've had anywhere. Can't thank the whole team enough for how they treated my daughter during my appointment.

I had a large gap at the back of my jaw and felt implants were the best solution to enabling me to chew again.

I have always been slightly nervous of dental treatment but this process was straightforward and no worse than major fillings.

The treatment was explained in detail to me and I had the reassurance that it followed a simple process once the planning had been completed through a series of examinations and x rays.

It did. Overall there was minimal discomfort and a great result.

Some years ago, due to the close proximity of my sinus to the gum line at the location of the proposed site, my body had "rejected" the procedure. As the gap in my teeth gave me some problems and I didn't want a bridge nor denture, I asked if there was a possibility that new technology could overcome the problem. I'm delighted to say that this was the case and we went ahead with the procedure. I had anticipated that the procedure itself would be painful but was pleasantly surprised that there was little discomfort. The outcome has been extremely good. I have no pain nor discomfort with it and no longer have the problem of food getting stuck in the gap. Cosmetically it looks natural as well as supporting the neighbouring teeth.

In short, I can highly recommend having a dental implant.

Dear Matthew,

Over the years I have had five implants and am very pleased with the results. On each occasion I have been impressed by Matthew Emmott's professionalism, skill, and attention to detail.

I consulted Mr. Matthew Emmott about dental implants as a result of personal recommendation from a lady who had implants done by him.

In the first instance I had 8 implants fitted. These were partly visible and partly to the rear of my mouth. The procedure included bone enhancement.

Later I had one other implant installed after the necessity of an extraction.

I have been completely satisfied with the results. The procedures were explained to me in terms I could understand and I rated the professionalism of the dentist very highly.

Matthew Emmott has carried out 3 implants for me. He was meticulous in explaining the procedure, what to expect at every stage and took great care to minimise pain. The results are very good and I am very please with my new teeth.

The reception staff are friendly, polite and efficient. I recommend Matthew Emmott and the Chipping Norton team highly.

Meticulous professionalism throughout – ensuring very good results in all respects. I have no hesitation in recommending Matthew to all my friends and colleagues.

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